Why is Bumble bad - The cons of Bumble app for local hookups


Popular products always have their shadow side as well. Why is Bumble bad and are there cons at all? After analyzing hundreds of users’ opinions, we have found the answer.

No serious relationships

There are special dating apps for LTR seekers where all features and interface are designed for that purpose. Bumble is for light-headed folks, and it always will be.

On another hand, specialists say that real chemistry and attraction are rooted in people’s personalities, not in the app where they got acquainted. If the spark is there, things just happen.

Shallow profiles

It may seem that no one is really reading the bio today while hookuping online. But even popular escort listings like Trystescort or RentMen, contain a person’s brief biography


For some singles, brief or empty profiles on Bumble aren’t a problem. While others are curious and picky enough to expect some more information and enjoy details.

Pricing policy

Millions of members use Bumble for free. It’s still enough to meet plenty of singles in any location. But extra options and the profile highlighting are paid, which is less cool.

One month costs $24.99 and this price sounds not friendly toward young single students. There is also a credits system, and a lifetime membership pack that makes $149.99.

For avid hookupers who love using Bumble, it may sound very attractive, but the price itself ruins the concept of free chats and casual sex at no charge. It explains Why is Bumble bad.

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